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90% Graduation Rate 20-21
694 Students
38 Classroom Teachers
18-1 Student Teacher Ratio
$14,932 Average Per Pupil Expenditure

Who We Are

Toutle Lake School District sits on the western side of Mt. St. Helens and encompasses beautiful Silver Lake.  We believe that families are one of the most important keys to students' success.  Our new website contains information to help navigate the important details that are key to our partnership.  
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Our Mission

We will create a safe and engaging environment where everyone belongs and is encouraged, supported and challenged to be their best.
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Toutle Lake School District will prepare our students to become empowered and successful, inspiring them to be life-long learners with endless possibilities.
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Superintendent's Message

We are up and running!
One Month In on a Great Year in Toutle Lake School District
It has been a great start up to our school year at Toutle Lake School District. Since I am new to the district this year, and will only be here for this year, while I assist the district in selecting a permanent replacement for the superintendent role, I have been busy getting to know the students, staff and community. I have been so thrilled to meet so many parents with their children that I had as students at Castle Rock or Kalama Elementary, during my 13 years in those buildings. I heard last spring about the excellent manners and care students exhibit at Toutle Lake, and that has proven true over and over, as I move about campus.

In addition to acquainting myself with the people in this area, I have been eager to understand transportation services and our facilities. Understanding buses means to understand the condition and age of the fleet. Newer buses come with updated safety features and reduce chances of breakdown while in service. Our transportation supervisor, Daryl Spinneberg, has done an excellent job making sure the fleet is updated regularly. Buses are purchased through what is called a depreciation schedule, where the testa funds annually. After 13 years a bus drops off of that schedule, hence funds cease to generate for our fleet, so a district must stay current with buses within the 13 year window. Mr. Spinneberg purchased 2 new buses this year from this fund, and likely will be able to purchase one additional bus next year, keeping all of our active buses on schedule. It should be noted that our vans are not included in these state supported purchases, as vans are the responsibility of the school district only. Districts fund the vans through local levies.

Although maintenance has done an incredible job of maintaining the grounds and buildings, well beyond what I have ever seen in any rural district, we do have some glaring concerns, which our maintenance director, Dillon Anderson, pointed out to me in my first week. One such is our roof over our cafeteria/multipurpose room. It is in severe need of replacement. Since a small district’s annual budget does not cover such a large expense, we are seeking an Emergency Repair Grant from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). The school board  authorized me to seek architectural and engineering estimates right away, which is a first step required by OSPI. Once that is completed, we will submit a request for the Emergency Repair Grant at OSPI, where they are more than willing and eager to help small districts in emergency repairs. The beauty of this is that it will not need to come out of our local school funds. We are hoping to continue working with ESD 112, and their excellent Construction Management program to seek other available funding for our district needs. They have been amazingly helpful to us in this process.

Finally, thank you to our great community for all of your support to our school district. Because of the last levy we have been able to have a School Resource Officer (SRO) on campus daily. David Hammond is well trained in safety and security in supervision of a school campus. It is great to have him on board. In future letters, I am eager to share the many other things our Levy has been supporting!
Scott Fenter

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Special Board Meeting 11-21-2023

Special Board Meeting for Board Members via Zoom to approve Resolution 10-23 Emergency Repair Grant at 4:00 pm, Tuesday November 21st.
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Levy Committee

Toutle Lake School District is seeking applications from residents of the District interested in being appointed to a committee
New bus for the Toutle Lake School District

New bus!

Toutle Lake School District maximized state transportation finances to purchase 2 new buses. This helps to keep our fleet current and maximizes the safety features of newer buses. The district appreciates the work of Transportation Director, Daryl Spinneberg in making this happen.