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At A Glance

90% Graduation Rate 20-21
694 Students
38 Classroom Teachers
18-1 Student Teacher Ratio
$14,932 Average Per Pupil Expenditure

Who We Are

Toutle Lake School District sits on the western side of Mt. St. Helens and encompasses beautiful Silver Lake.  We believe that families are one of the most important keys to students' success.  Our new website contains information to help navigate the important details that are key to our partnership.  
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Our Mission

We will create a safe and engaging environment where everyone belongs and is encouraged, supported and challenged to be their best.
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Toutle Lake School District will prepare our students to become empowered and successful, inspiring them to be life-long learners with endless possibilities.
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Superintendent's Message

Greetings and Salutation Toutle Lake Learning Community:
I am delighted to introduce myself as the new Superintendent of Toutle Lake School District. It is an honor to join this vibrant and dedicated community, and I am eager to contribute to the continued growth and success of our schools.
With over twenty-three years of experience in education, I have had the privilege of working in various roles that have shaped my understanding of what it means to create a nurturing and effective learning environment. I am passionate about education and believe that every student deserves a safe, supportive, and engaging place to learn and grow.
Throughout my career, I have been committed to fostering a culture of communication, collaboration, and creativity. I believe that by working together—teachers, staff, parents, students, and community members—we can create a positive and enriching environment where everyone can thrive.
One of my core values is approachability. I am here to listen to your concerns, ideas, and aspirations for our schools. Your insights and feedback are invaluable to me as we work together to make our district the best it can be for our students. I encourage open dialogue and invite you to reach out to me with any thoughts or suggestions you may have.
As we embark on this new chapter together, my focus will be on ensuring that our schools are safe, inclusive, and academically excellent. I am committed to supporting our teachers, empowering our students, and engaging our community in meaningful ways. Together, we will build on the strong foundation that already exists and strive for even greater achievements.
Thank you for welcoming me into the Toutle Lake community. I look forward to meeting and working with each of you as we create a brighter future for our students.
Warm regards,

Chris Schumaker
Toutle Lake School District