Superintendent's Message

school building
Greetings Everyone -
School is back in session for the 22-23 school year.  On our first day of school, 678 students were on our campus.  It was so great to see all of the smiling faces.  I also know what kind of anxiety and stress the first day causes for some students and families as they navigate something new, especially if it is your first time letting your Kindergartener walk through that doorway.
We are celebrating our new staff that we have hired this summer.  Here is a list:
Dillon Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor
Celeste Anderson, HS Spanish Teacher
Danielle Hynning, Primary Counselor
Katie Gray, Evening Custodian
Katherine Young, ESD Nurse
Janette Davis, Paraeducator - Daycare
K’lean Titus, CTE Paraeducator
Tawne Sweet, HS Special Services
New Coaches:
Shanna Ford, HS Volleyball
Darline Foster, HS Volleyball
Emery Kelly, HS Soccer
Kayla Lindquist, MS Volleyball
Jacob Green, MS Football
It is my goal that we are working together to create the best experiences for our students and families.  We have started this year with our teachers and staff back for two days of training.  While two days isn’t nearly enough, I have committed to supporting staff with training around supporting students' social and emotional health and creating high expectations for students academically.  We will be working with students to capture their voices in decision-making.  Another way you can give me feedback is to simply respond to my emails.  I am also happy to chat over the phone or in person if you have any questions or concerns.
Safety is our primary concern.  We have student pathways to keep doors locked, gates closed around our elementary buildings, and we have hired a safety consultant to come do an audit of our campus to provide more support and suggestions for improving our practices.  This includes reviewing and updating our emergency responses for different scenarios.
To help with communication, we will be going through a website update.  Our new website will be live sometime in October.  With this update, we will have a Toutle Lake School District App that you can download to your phone.  We hope this will keep you updated with current information at your fingertips.
If you made it to our Back to School Night, you probably saw the nice shiny floors in our secondary buildings and multi-purpose room.  We had an amazing small but mighty crew this summer getting all of our summer clean-up done, and our campus is looking good.  There will always be more work to do, but we are getting it done.  This next week we will be doing a United Way project.  On September 8th, a crew of 20 from Norpac will be here to paint our stadium and clean up around fences and our nature trail.  I am so excited to see the transformation right before our first football game, which will be at 5 p.m. on September 9th.  Come out and root for our students.  Our athletic schedule can be found here: Fall Sports Schedules
If you are interested in volunteering for anything on our campus, please complete the volunteer application.  We look forward to the support and the relationships with you.
Lastly, we are required to provide families with annual notices about some of our policies and processes.  Of importance is the media release.  If you do not want photos or videos with your child posted to the website or in any district publication, please complete the form in the document.  Annual notices are listed here if you would like to check them out.  Annual Notices
Thank you for your support, and have a fabulous Labor Day weekend.
Angela Allen