Levy Committee

Toutle Lake School District is seeking applications from residents of the District interested in being appointed to a committee to write the for/against statements for the Cowlitz County Local Voters’ Pamphlet related to the District’s Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy to be considered at the February 13, 2024 special election. Those interested should send their name, address, phone number, email address and which position they represent to Scott Fenter, Superintendent, at 5050 Spirit Lake Hwy, Toutle, WA 98649 or via email at [email protected] by November 27, 2023. The Board will take action on the appointments at its November 28, 2023 regular board meeting. In making the committee appointments, the Board will consider the criteria for appointments made by the Cowlitz County Auditor’s Office established in the Cowlitz County Administrative Rules for the Local Voters’ Pamphlet.