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Superintendent's message

August 28, 2021


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students -


“Are we there yet?” How often do we hear children asking that question when we are traveling on a journey? Quite often, I think – but to be honest, I have been asking that same question to myself as we take our journey through this COVID-19 pandemic. I have been so anxious to “reach the end” and with continued teamwork, I think we might just get there!


I continue to be very grateful that I “get to – not have to” serve the community of Toutle Lake School District as its superintendent. I am grateful that I get to work with the awesome staff members that are so committed to help your children grow, find purpose, have a sense of belonging; and know that they have a safe place to go where a group of kind, caring, and dedicated people will do all that they can to meet their needs right where they are!


I am also grateful for our school board members, who give selflessly to create the best school district possible. My gratitude also goes out to the families and students of this great community – while we may have our differences, we all want the same thing – that is, what’s best for our youth!


While I know that I shared this story about three years ago, I think it is even more applicable now. I am again reminded of the lessons that we can learn from a flock of flying geese.  Angeles Arrien has shared the following insights regarding geese flying in a V-formation:

  1. As each goose flaps it wings, it creates an uplift for others behind it. There is 71 percent more flying range in V-formation than in flying alone. Lesson: People like us who share a common direction and sense of purpose get there more quickly.
  2. Whenever a goose flies out of formation, it feels drag and tries to get back into position. Lesson: It is easier to do something together than alone.
  3. When the lead goose gets tired, it rotates back into formation and another goose flies at the head. Lesson: The “leader” does not have to do all of the leading all of the time. Each of us has skills and talents that are valuable, and we should be willing to lead when needed.
  4. The geese flying in the rear of the formation honk to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. Lesson: Encouragement is motivating. We need to make sure our “honking” is encouraging, not discouraging.
  5. When a goose gets sick or wounded and falls, two geese fall out and stay with it until it revives or passes on. Then they catch up or join another flock. Lesson: We may all need help from time to time. Let us stand by one another in difficult times as well as good ones.


May the school year of 2021-22 be one in which we “fly as geese.” We will arrive at our destination in an easier and quicker fashion, leading when we are needed, and encouraging and supporting one another. And the entire village, particularly the children, will reap the benefits!





Bob Garrett


August 5, 2021


Toutle Lake School District Parents/Guardians and Students –


This is just a quick update on a couple of items:


  1. We were truly hoping that the wearing of masks would not be a mandate for us here at TLSD this Fall. But since it is, we realize that there may be some students (and their parents) who do not want to be wearing a mask at school.


    In an attempt to accommodate those students, and wanting to retain student enrollment, we are asking that families not wanting their child to wear a mask let us know as soon as possible and preferably no later than 4pm this coming Monday, August 9th. Those students will be enrolled in our virtual academy rather than in-person classes. We apologize for the quick turn-around but the Governor’s recent mandate was an unexpected “curve-ball” and we will need that information in order to know our staffing requirements, curriculum needs, etc.


  2. On another note, the District put out a survey of K-6 parents inquiring about the possible need for day care for their school-age children. The survey results show significant interest and therefore we are attempting to get this new program “off the ground” by September 1st.


What we need, initially, from interested parents is for them to fill out our Day Care Enrollment Form, which can be located on our website under the “For Parents” tab; and scrolling down to the Day Care Enrollment Form. The enrollment form and the registration fee can be mailed to the District office or dropped off in person.


The Day Care Enrollment Cover Page contains additional information about the program. It will be updated as we learn more.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we attempt to work toward providing your children the best educational program possible.




Bob Garrett


emergency broadband benefit

Emergency Broadband Benefit

The Emergency Broadband Benefit is an FCC program to help families and households struggling to afford internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic. This new benefit will connect eligible households to jobs, critical healthcare services, virtual classrooms, and so much more. Please click here for more info and to apply.

you can now stream toutle lake sports!


The Toutle Lake High School has partnered with NFHS to install Pixellot cameras in the Basketball Gym and in the Football Stadium to allow for watching games live and watching past games. There is a monthly or annual membership available. Please click here to view the flyer which has instructions on where to go to sign up.

school board meeting. 4th tuesday of every month unless specified otherwise

Special School Board Meeting Monday, August 23rd @ 7pm
Toutle Lake Meetings is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Toutle Lake School Board Regular Zoom Meeting
Time: This is a recurring meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 996 0699 9215
Password: 2kwwT6

Dial by your location
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
Meeting ID: 996 0699 9215
Password: 414134
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aeeUGJ2AYq


Vaccine Roadmap
Above is the vaccination roadmap brought to us by ESD112. Please click here for a larger image that has a link for more information regarding the vaccination roadmap.

Dolly Parton Imagination Library
Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is proudly sponsored by the Cowlitz & Wahkiakum County United Way. Please click here for information regarding this exciting program.

Inclement Weather & snow route info

Snowflake Image

For snow routes please click here. For information regarding school closures or alerts click here. Don't forget to add your email address on flash alert when you check for closures so that you can be automatically notified in the event of a closure or alert.


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